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What Are You Birthing On The New Earth Timeline?

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About Who We Are – The Changemakers of Our Times

Welcome to our Vision.

Original stems from the word Origin – from the Latin oriri which means to rise… to be seen, heard, felt and known for one’s contribution to community.

OriginalMe envisions people’s stories formed from one’s unique creative expression will support community through conscious communication, and unite the spirit of our planet to bring more peace and positive change.

As an omnipresent instrument of pure love we all have the power to recreate anew in accordance with nature’s natural ways of being.

If you have a story you’d like to share, whether that be an innovative idea that changed your life and the lives of those around you in a positive way or you formed a peace-keeping platform full of potential, we’d love to hear from you.

Spread the love of words and stories to inspire and uplift others to live a meaningful life.

What’s your story?

You Create Harmonious Relationships

You Give The Gift Of Inner Peace

Your Story Was Inspired By A Dream

Your Story Is About Social Inclusion

You Listen And Hold Space For People

You Invite the Joy and the Laughter

The original peoples and cultures on Earth have valued story as integral to one’s identity since the beginning of time. Often, a community’s wellbeing depended on the stories handed down through the generations.

Now, as we breach the waters of our sovereignty we remember our dreaming and unite in community to establish new ways of being, built on firm foundations of equality.

Are you willing to rewrite your story for the people and the planet?

Read inspirational stories and/or share your own.




Love. Peace. Harmony.

It is my intent to live a meaningful life in support of the people and the planet.

My vision is to see our children supported and encouraged to share their stories and dreams, our elderly respected as wisdom holders in the community, and the infirmed to feel free of fear as they prepare to exit this incarnation and envision their next reality.

I am creative at heart and love words, dreams, tonal singing and nature. As an advocate and educator of natural healing methods, I continue to transform my life and believe every person has the power to heal and write a new story.


Consciously listening and observing how you respond to life is the first step to becoming a gift to every living being on the planet, and beyond. For when your story changes the story of our planet does too.


With your commitment to loving all living beings, including your OriginalMe, people of all ages and cultures can unite to support each other and harmonise, protect, purify and grow new ways of being.

In Love and Harmony,

Leanda Michelle

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Leanda Michelle acknowledges and pays due respect to the Original Custodians of these lands and waters, the Bunurong / BoonWurrung peoples.

Let’s Collaborate and Celebrate

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